Grief Support Group June 8, 2021

By Melody Smith

We held our first Grief Support Group meeting and for an inaugural meeting, we feel it was quite successful!  We ended up with six folks there, seven if we count Pastor Reese, who lead us in opening prayer.  Thank you, Pastor!  One of the ladies was not from our church and she thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.  Another was a member who has not attended church for a long time, but our hope is that she continues in our group and will once again join us in worship.  Others were members, although one of the people we are counting was a mother of one of the attendees, who joined us at the end and our prayer is that she will attend the next time.  We shared stories of our losses, and it was very uplifting.  We talked about how grief has come about in our lives and how we are coping.  Then, we painted rocks.  Yes, rocks!  We painted encouraging messages on them, and put our group’s name and phone number on the backs.  The instructions were for them to take them and place them around town so that perhaps someone who just might need that message will pick it up and be blessed!  There will be 21 rocks gracing our city soon and we hope to have community outreach with those.  We decided to hold our meeting every two weeks, so if you are looking for a group like this, please join us on June 22nd at 6:30 in the Parish Hall.  We will be painting bird houses to grace our new garden next time.  Pass the word!  If you know someone who needs an escape from the grip of grief, please tell them about us.  The more the merrier!